Young people are encouraged to take advantage of private sector opportunities


According to him, despite the economic challenges, the Ghanaian economy was growing and creating opportunities, and there was a need to strengthen their entrepreneurial ecosystem even amid the current economic challenges.

The minister revealed this during a job fair hosted by Anyaa-Sowutuom MP at Pentecost University in Accra yesterday.

The fair, which saw more than 30 private and public companies present, aimed to involve young people and provide an opportunity for job seekers.

Mr Nkrumah said the economic challenges facing the country were a global problem but young people could benefit as the government was committed to creating jobs in the public sector.

“It is true that times are tough globally, but the Ghanaian economy is growing gradually.

“It is true that not everyone will be lucky enough to be recruited, but it is a sign that gradually the public sector is developing and what was happening at the beginning when we have a freeze in the public sector, the recruitment is turning around now and gradually some young people are finding jobs in the public sector,” he added.

He encouraged young people to take up entrepreneurship rather than relying on the government for color jobs.

He explained that the Ghanaian economy was traditionally based on entrepreneurship, until in 1844, after the signing of the bond, the colonial government introduced labor in the public sector.

“So gradually many of us sought to get involved in public sector work and our entrepreneurial abilities declined. What the state believes in is that we should reinvest in our entrepreneurial capacities so that the private sector can develop further, create more jobs and income to improve the quality of life,” the minister said.

Mr. Oppong Nkrumah advised young people to use the five pillars of entrepreneurship, namely value, innovation, proof of concept, investment and institutionalization, to enable them to develop good entrepreneurial skills and become independent.

MP for AnyaaSowutuom, Dr Dickinson AdomakoKissi said the scheme aims to introduce employment opportunities available or offered by companies and business owners to enable job seekers in the constituency to find jobs and make career choices.

“A lot of students leaving have problems with placement or national service internships and also a lot of people come to my office in relationships to find work and it’s hard to take care of them at the same time so I decided to organize this fair to create job opportunities for them.

He said that as his constituents’ representative in Parliament, he was committed to ensuring that employment opportunities were created to enable them to earn a decent living.


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