What to Look for When Finding a Private Security Company


In recent years, the National Police Service has noted an upward trend in cases of assault, general robbery, creating trouble, drug possession and other cases. moral offences.

With the rise in crime, private security companies have witnessed a demand for their services.

Private residences, educational institutions, businesses, small and medium enterprises, estates and tenants of apartment buildings have opted for these companies which act as alternatives to the police.

In an interview with Kenyans.co.keSecurity expert Brian Muriuki explained what to consider when seeking the services of private security companies.

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Response time

Since the Kenyan police are concerned with ensuring the safety of all Kenyans, the response time to crime is therefore low. Private security companies will vary in response time depending on available resources.

“The consumer must identify the locations of the private security company.

“It will be noticed that they are strategically positioned near busy and unstable places for quick responses in case of emergency,” Muriuki said.

Licensed and insured

All private security companies must comply with the Private Security Regulation Act 2016, which sets out requirements for security personnel and company licensing.

Private security companies are regulated by the Kenya Private Security Regulatory Authority. The law also mandates registration compliance inspections and provides regulations regarding the power to arrest, search and confiscate identification documents,” Muriuki explained.

Brand and reputation

There are private security companies that have a reputation for being customer-centric in their service delivery.

“There are private companies that have been in the industry for years and have earned the trust of their consumers.

“Their private security market share has grown due to their international presence and local credentials,” he said.

Variety of services

The majority of private security companies offer different services depending on the price the consumer is willing to pay.

Fazul Mahamed, head of Kenya's Private Security Regulatory Authority, inspects an honor guard mounted by trainee guards in Karen, Nairobi, in January 2019.

Fazul Mahamed, head of Kenya’s Private Security Regulatory Authority, inspects an honor guard mounted by trainee guards in Karen, Nairobi, in January 2019.

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“The ability of private security to satisfy the consumer is limited by its resources. An ideal private security company offers canine security, guarding services, facility management. Some VIP services include cash management services and comprehensive travel risk assessments. he remarked.

Trained staff

Private security companies will offer training services to their personnel who must be registered.

“Private security companies will have physical requirements when recruiting and providing training at accredited facilities under the Private Security Regulation Act 2016,” Muriuki said.

Technical security systems

Private security companies are expensive for most individuals, businesses and customers choose to seek out security systems built by these companies rather than hiring their staff.

“Some members of the public are only interested in security systems and installation services. They buy burglar alarms, door entry systems, CCTV systems and fire alarms. he precised.

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