USAID Announces First MEPPA Awards for Engaging the Private Sector | Press release


Deputy Administrator Isobel Coleman today announced in Jerusalem the first two awards under the Partnership for Peace in the Middle East (MEPPA) Partnership for Peace Fund (PPF). These grants will help the Palestinian and Israeli private sectors build partnerships, increase economic growth, and lay the foundation for peace through people-to-people programs.

The first grant provides $3.3 million over four years to provide businesswomen with training, seed funding and connections with mentors from successful entrepreneurs. A separate component of the activity will train young women in business skills and expose them to role models, creating the next generation of female entrepreneurs. The training and mentorship sessions will provide Palestinian and Israeli women with opportunities to expand their business networks and build personal connections that help build security, prosperity and freedom.

The second grant provides $2.2 million over three years to support Palestinian and Israeli entrepreneurs and small and medium enterprises. The grant will bring together and support Palestinian and Israeli businesses to build partnerships and advance participants’ business goals. The activity will help Palestinian and Israeli business associations leverage their extensive business networks and connections across Israel and the West Bank. Joint trade working groups will bring together Palestinian and Israeli business leaders to identify challenges and solutions for increasing trade between the West Bank and Israel.

MEPPA advances peaceful coexistence between Israelis and Palestinians to enable a lasting two-state solution. USAID will announce additional PPF grants, including to local organizations, in the coming weeks.

More information about how USAID is implementing MEPPA to increase people-to-people partnerships between Israelis and Palestinians is available at


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