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Millions of people use dedicated proxy sites to bypass pirate site blocks. “Unblocked” has become a leader in this field, which has made the site a full target. This resulted in a continuous cat-and-mouse game that led to dozens of forced domain name changes.

The entertainment industries generally regard website blocking as one of the best tools available to prevent people from hacking.

The practice has been around for over a decade and has slowly spread to over 30 countries around the world.

While these blocks can help deter some casual hackers, many people find ways to hack the content through workarounds. VPN services are often used as well as dedicated proxy sites, especially those provided by “Unblocked. “

Unblocked began in 2013, mainly in response to the UK’s blocking efforts. It all started with links to a few dozen blocked pirate sites, and today that number has grown to over a hundred.

The site quickly gained popularity. While this is generally good news, in this case it also posed a problem, as the unblocked site itself has now become a blocking target. It didn’t take long before he was added to various blocklists, which meant he had to ‘relocate’ on a regular basis.

In recent years, this has resulted in a change of domain after a change of domain. Initially this only happened sporadically, but the Unblocked team informs TorrentFreak that it is done about once a month now, usually after users report new blocks.

Just a few weeks ago, the site went from unblocked.llc to unblocked.cx to avoid another block, for example. However, the latter domain was quickly suspended by the CoCCA domain name registry.

Domain suspensions aren’t common, but they do happen. In this case, the registry has taken action following a complaint from a copyright holder, the Unblocked team informs TorrentFreak.

“We contacted the registry and they said using unblocked.cx was against their terms of service and showed us an automated DMCA complaint they received regarding certain movie links. We then changed the domain to unblocked.pet.

“Unblocked.pet is the 38th domain on the site,” adds the Unblocked team.


To stay true to its name, the site must constantly find new domain names. The total number of 38 domain names to date says enough. While this is a nuisance for the operator, it doesn’t seem to hurt the user base too much.

“We haven’t noticed any major changes in traffic caused by the blocks. As long as we have a new operational domain, people can find it immediately by different means, ”notes the Unblocked team.

“After domain updates, traffic levels return to normal after about a day or two. It takes a little longer for traffic to recover after a domain suspension, like what we just saw with unblocked.cx.

After losing the .cx domain, it took four to five days for traffic levels to recover. This was also the case a few years earlier when the CoCCA registry suspended Unblocked’s .pe domain name.

It looks like unlocked users have gotten used to the regular changes. They can usually find the new domain through the Official Twitter account, or by going to the GitHub mirror, which has been operational since 2015.

Either way, Unblocked is determined to continue and the site will likely burn a few more domains before the year is out.


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