Training center projects for private security guards in the future


The Interior Ministry yesterday announced plans to open a private security training center, as security officers play an important role in supporting businesses and private sector businesses in the country.

Yesterday, the director of the private security management department of the police, Lt. Gen. Lim Sokha Raksmey, said Khmer time that keeping or looking after private companies is not the duty of the police even if they supervise private security companies.

Lt. Gen. Sokha Raksmey said, “Now the police train private security for two or three day workshops, but we will set up a private security training center to professionally train security guards in the country, which will include many topics for their training. “

“When we have the Private Security Training Center, we will insert many subjects to train private security such as martial arts, fire prevention and fire evacuation measures, cooperation between agencies security and local authorities, the Code of Criminal Procedure and other cases, how to protect a crime scene and study the highway code, ”he said.

The private security management department of the police will build the private security training center to train private security officers to become more professional in monitoring private clients who need their services, the said. Lieutenant-General Sokha Raksmey.

Private security guards are not allowed to use firearms, but the police will teach them how to use handcuffs or protect their clients from criminals.

So far, 32 training courses for private security officers have been conducted, with 113 members of the national police who have trained 5,737 private security officers, including 142 women from private security companies across the country.

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