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The federation says this law has been delayed for many years and the government should now ensure that the provisions are implemented

COSATU welcomes the signing by the President of the law amending the law on the regulation of the private security sector

November 2, 2021

The Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU) welcomes the President’s enactment of the Private Security Sector Regulation Amendment Act after being delayed for many years. It is essential that the government and the Private Security Sector Regulatory Authority (PSIRA) ensure that its provisions are now implemented.

The Federation welcomes the provisions of the PSIRA Law aimed at improving the conditions and protections of employees in the security sector, namely:

Clear minimum conditions of service for security guards and recognition of their rights.

Too often we have seen security companies treating security guards like glorified slaves and fodder in the face of highly armed and dangerous transit unions.

Minimum training standards for security guards to ensure that they can perform their duties effectively and be able to protect their own lives.

Minimum standards for the security of cash in transit.

This is essential as CIT security is often dispatched in extremely dangerous conditions with insufficient training, weapons, close protection of the body and armored vehicles against the CIT unions which are well staffed and often highly trained ex-servicemen. neighboring states.

The Federation supports the clauses of the PSIRA Law providing for the monitoring and accountability of the industry by:

Minimum and ethical standards of conduct for industry and security service companies.

Clear industry accountability to the regulator, PSIRA.

The ban on people with financial interests in the sector to sit on the PSIRA.

That the PSIRA be held accountable to Parliament; and

For the specified local ownership of security companies to be defined.

It is hoped that this will help develop local ownership of an important, growing and strategic sector of the economy.

Posted by Matthew Parks, Parliamentary Coordinator, COSATU, November 2, 2021


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