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NEW DELHI: Defense Minister Rajnath Singh said on Monday that the Union government is committed to strengthening the private sector and preparing it for its new role in developing India’s defense capabilities, stressing that the Private participation was crucial to achieve the goal of Atmanirbhar Bharat or self-sufficient India.

Singh said the government has taken a series of reform measures to increase private industry participation in the defense sector, with an emphasis on building local defense capabilities.

“Developing new technologies locally is the need of the moment. Our vision of “Atmanirbhar Bharat” is to ensure that advanced technologies are developed nationally. This is extremely important not only to strengthen national security, but also to ensure the overall development of the country, ”said the minister, addressing a function of the Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO). to congratulate young scientists and other successful people.

The government has taken several measures to strengthen self-reliance in the defense sector, including increasing foreign direct investment (FDI) in defense manufacturing, creating a separate budget for the purchase of manufactured military equipment locally and notification of two lists of weapons / equipment that cannot be imported.

India set aside ??70,221 crores this year for national defense purchases, which represents 63% of the army’s capital budget. Last year, the ministry devoted more than ??51,000 crore, or 58% of the investment budget, on domestic purchases.

The government will take all measures to modernize the armed forces and equip them with the latest weapons and systems to face any challenge, the minister said.

Singh commended DRDO for its contribution to government efforts to achieve self-reliance in defense manufacturing and its role in building military capabilities at a time of rapidly changing geopolitical situation.

“The DRDO not only tries to match the capabilities of technologically advanced countries, but it is also engaged in the innovation of new technologies. DRDO’s next generation programs will also improve our armed forces in the future, ”the Minister said.

Singh has also published two DRDO policy documents: Directed Research Policy and Case Management Policy 2021. The first policy aims to set up advanced technology centers and research cells in university institutes for targeted research on futuristic surveillance, defensive and offensive capabilities.

In a major boost to the defense self-sufficiency campaign, India signed contracts and authorized projects worth nearly ??54,000 crore in less than a month to build military capacity with locally produced weapons and systems including transport planes, tanks, helicopters, airborne early warning systems and counter weapons -drone, as HT reported on Monday.

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