The Fiji Times » Feast on the private security industry


The New Generation Party hopes to establish a private security academy if elected to lead the next government.

While explaining the value private security companies have brought to Fiji’s economy through remittances, party leader Varinava Tiko said it was an industry that had no received government support.

He said the academy would be similar to the Blackrock training camp in Nadi, where soldiers were trained in peacekeeping duties and natural disaster response efforts.

“What if we included a school for the private security industry so that we could cater to that market?” he said.

“It is important to have the right product, ie the person who will be deployed, to be trained at the highest level required by the private security industry market.

“For example, when there’s a vacancy for a squad leader or a PSD (personal security detail) operator, they’ll want a record of their recent two-year experience.”

Mr. Tiko said someone well trained and qualified in the field would be in high demand in the industry.

“This is one of the challenges our men face today.

“They’re qualified and ready to go, but we’re not providing them with the facilities to get into that market.”

He said a government led by the New Generation Party would integrate private security training into the military.


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