The accounting profession is the highest paid for Saudi recruits in the private sector (survey)


Saudi Gazette report

RIYAD – Accountant is the highest paid profession in the Saudi private sector, while salesperson is the most sought after position among new Saudi recruits in the Kingdom.

According to data from the Department of Human Resources and Social Development, 15 occupations are high-demand jobs for Saudis who joined the private sector in the first half of 2021.

General salesperson and sales representative jobs are the most preferred among these jobs, while accounting profession tops the highest paying job with an average monthly salary of SR4568, followed by administrative assistant and marketing specialist. with an average salary of SR4435 and SR4381 respectively.

Saudis have joined these professions in the private sector with their social insurance contributions. These occupations were classified according to the criteria of the Arab Standard Classification of Occupations and the National Labor Observatory.

The Arab Standard Occupational Classification, which is the occupational classification system used in the Kingdom, covers all occupations and jobs that exist in the Saudi public and private sectors.

Data from the ministry showed that there were gaps in the average wages of the most in-demand occupations among newly appointed Saudis in private sector establishments, ranging from SR3252 to SR4568, depending on occupation types and qualifications. On the other hand, the average salaries during the same period in 2020 were between SR3000 and SR4477.

Among the most in-demand jobs, General Salesperson was the highest paid occupation with an average salary of SR 4,477, followed by Sales Representative with SR 4,395, Administrative Assistant SR3763, and Manufacturing Supervisor SR3197 while the salary the lowest was that of security guard with an average salary of SR 3005.

The trade of general salesperson comes first among the 15 trades identified in the survey, with 9,001 new jobs occupied by newly appointed Saudis in the first half of 2021, followed by the trade of salesperson with 7,792 new recruits, and administrative assistant with 7,550 recruits over the period.

Here are the number of jobs and the average salary of newly hired Saudis in the private sector in the first half of 2021:

Accountant: Number of jobs 3,044 and average salary SR4568.

Administrative assistant: Number of jobs 7550 and average salary 4435.

Marketing Specialist: Number of jobs 3776 and average salary SR4381.

Clerk: Number of jobs 4033 and average salary SR4222.

Sales Representative: Number of jobs 7792 and average salary SR4182.

Purchasing agent: Number of jobs 3013 and average salary SR4042.

Data entry operator: Number of jobs 2870 and average salary SR3953.

Telephone exchange: Number of jobs 1478 and average salary SR3941.

Manufacturing Supervisor: Number of jobs 5418 and average salary SR3915.

Receptionist: Number of jobs 1938 and average salary SR3869.

Government Liaison Clerk: Number of jobs 2181 and average salary SR3801.

Specialized salesperson: Number of jobs 2171 and average salary SR3729.

Cashier: Number of jobs 5539 and average salary SR3771.

General salesperson: Number of jobs 9001 and average salary SR3698.

Security Guard: Number of jobs 3630 and average salary SR3252.


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