Support from private security to National Security immense: Def Secy


COLOMBO (New 1st); The support given by the private security sector to national security is immense, said Defense Secretary General Kamal Gunaratne.

Speaking at the Annual General Meeting of Security Service Providers of Sri Lanka – 2021 on December 29, the Defense Secretary said that in addition to contributing to the economy and creating employment opportunities for citizens; More importantly for personnel who served in Sri Lanka’s armed forces, private security companies play a greater role in ensuring the country’s national security which has evolved into a wider range of security needs in the recent past.

Speaking further, the Secretary of Defense also mentioned that having the responsibility for ensuring national security as Secretary of Defense, he strongly believes that the members of the private security entities of nearly 150,000 have become an integral part of it, as stakeholders in the national security apparatus in Sri Lanka.

Referring to the president’s election manifesto which gave the lion’s share to national security, he said the defense secretary is responsible for national security whether it is a failure or a success , adding that command, authority, responsibility and accountability for national security also rests on his shoulders.

Also speaking to the pioneers of Sri Lankan private security services, he said it was an emerging industry showing development across the country despite the current economic crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic. .

This development is being driven by various factors, including increased pressure for risk mitigation by businesses and corporations, he explained.

Illustrating the many challenges facing this industry, such as adequate knowledge of multitasking and technology to perform safety and security functions, he stressed that skills development becomes a crucial factor where investment in the human capital becomes vital to prepare it to take on greater responsibilities. .

Citing low benefits, poor pay, lack of appropriate insurance policies and career development opportunities for employees as the main causes of the weakening of the industry, Gen. Gunaratne said their directions had to take appropriate measures to reduce these losses in order to maintain the quality of their services.

The Defense Secretary also underscored the critical need to transition to sophisticated technology, specialized security academies and training in order to cope with advancements in technology and growing security threats.

“To support all entities of the security service providers in Sri Lanka and to improve their coordination with the government, the Ministry of Defense as the line ministry and the State Ministry of National Security and Management of disasters under my jurisdiction have set certain parameters to regulate the registration process of private security agencies and expect all agencies to adhere to these regulations to maintain harmony and sustainability in this industry, ”he said. he said, claiming a web-based registration system that would be introduced from 2022.


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