Space Force efforts to open doors to the private sector are a long time coming


Companies requesting assistance through Space Systems Command’s “Front Door” initiative can expect to wait several days for a response.

WASHINGTON — The United States The Space Systems Command has actively promoted a new initiative to help commercial companies do business with the government called “Front Door”. The effort, however, is off to a slow start as the order irons out some wrinkles in the program, SSC executive director Joy White said July 7.

The front door The initiative aims to provide a one-stop-shop for learning about contracting opportunities and engaging with SSC. It was introduced by SSC leaders as a response to frequent complaints from business firms and startups that doing business with the government can be daunting due to bureaucracy and confusion about who is in charge of which program. .

SSC officials said companies should email queries to [email protected]. The head of command Lieutenant General Michael Guetlein said the idea is to assign officials known as “sherpas” to help guide startups and small businesses unfamiliar with defense procurement.

Speaking at a National Security Space Association online forum, White answered questions about reported delays companies have experienced getting a response from Front Door.

“Right now I will say I don’t believe it’s going to be as fast as it will be,” she said.

She said the goal was to make Front Door work like an online store where customers can log into a live chat and get their questions answered. “This is my vision of PVC Front Door,” Whites said. “It’s when you’re connected that someone answers you immediately. So that’s the long-term goal.

For now, companies should expect to have to wait several days for a response, White said. “WWe’re still in that office and we’re still developing that capability. So I guess right now you’re probably seeing a few days before you commit.

White said SSC is also working to find a simpler process for companies to participate in face to face “industry day” meetings that the command plans to organize on a monthly basis. The next scheduled for July 28 will focus on knowledge of the cislunar spatial domainand another later in the year on business data analysis tools.

“Your best place to get your name in and get included is Front Door,” she said. “And I recognize, as I said, that it’s still in its infancy.” Some Industry Days are not open to everyone as they require security clearances. “These may be more difficult for some people to be able to attend,” White added. “But in general we try to get everyone in as much as possible.”


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