Rupankar Bagchi appoints private security guards at residence after repeated death threats over controversial KK comments | Bengali Cinema News

Rupankar Bagchi couldn’t even imagine things would get so nasty because of his Facebook live video claiming that West Bengal has better singers than KK. It created a social media storm within hours of KK’s death following the May 31 concert. Since then, Rupankar has been trolled, slammed and slammed not only by netizens but also by his peers in the industry. The national award-winning singer even received death threats after KK’s tragic disappearance, as many claimed that it was because of his curse that KK succumbed to death.

Not only Rupankar, even his wife Chaitali has also received death threats since last night. It all started on Wednesday morning when the popular singer started receiving messages on his phone and everyone insulted and threatened him. He even appointed private security guards for protection. The Bagchi couple also filed a formal complaint at the Tala police station for security reasons.

For the uninitiated, in the Facebook live, recorded a day before KK’s death, Rupankar claimed that KK might be a great singer, but West Bengal has better singers than him. He even said that regional singers like Somlata (Acharya), Iman (Chakraborty), Raghab (Chatterjee), Ujjaini (Mukherjee) and Rupam (Islam) among others can sing better than KK. “KK, KK, KK… who is KK? Why so much enthusiasm for Mumbai artists? Learn from Odisha, Punjab and Southern industry – please become Bengali from first,” a visibly furious Rupankar saw all that in the video when commenting on the hype surrounding the late singer’s visit to Kolkata.

However, Rupankar then had to delete the video a few hours after KK died, but the damage was already done. The video was already viral on social media and sparked outrage.

After being watched by the video, the acclaimed Bengali singer later told the media, “What I meant was that the people of West Bengal should be more proud of literature, identity and songs. Bengalis. I spoke in favor of maintaining our culture. If anyone thinks otherwise, that’s their problem.”


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