REVEALED! Here’s how the government plans to deal with private security companies |


Gen Muhoozi

By our journalist

The Minister of State for Home Affairs, General David Muhoozi, has revealed the Uganda Police’s plans to strengthen the regulations and oversight activities of private security companies, standardizing their operations.

“It’s a valid concern of private security companies that standardize training and standardize inspection and weapons management and it’s in sight. We’re going to do that and hopefully we regulate the industry better. In this particular case , Kimosho could help us with better details on whether the suspect has been arrested,” Muhoozi said.

The minister made the remarks during Prime Minister’s Question Time, in response to a concern raised by Dan Kimosho (Kazo County) who instructed the government to explain whether there are plans to run security companies private.

Kimosho said: “A private guard in an office in Sacco shot dead a priest and this private guard was drunk. I want to get from the Prime Minister and the whole government if there is a clear strategy on the management of the guards of safety in this country?”

His question follows the arrest of Anxious Muhumuza, a private security guard attached to the Kitura Sacco Cooperative, accused of shooting dead Patrick Mutatina, a lay reader at Uganda’s Nkunga Church in Kazo District.

The Mutatina shooting joins the growing number of people losing their lives to gun violence in Uganda, with the Uganda Police annual crime report 2021 showing a total of 303 reported cases compared to 249 reported cases in 2020, indicating a 21.6% increase.

However, the prosecution rate is still low, with the police pointing out in the same report that out of the 303 cases reported, only 58 cases were brought to court and only 4 cases resulted in a conviction, while 54 cases were still in process. instance. Police also revealed that a total of 199 cases were still under investigation.

The declaration to tighten the noose on private security companies came at the time in March 2022, the government suspended the operating licenses of 9 private security companies and revoked the licenses of two other companies for non- adherence to required standards and indiscipline.

According to the police, the two security companies have been involved in a number of thefts, where they directly steal from their customers and rent weapons from thieves to commit crimes and have refused to comply with police demands that the Private security companies have been filing declarations for the use of firearms for several years.

In September 2021, police revoked the licenses of 40 private security companies for failing to meet required standards and ordered verification of the remaining companies. According to police records, there are around 50,000 private guards in the country.


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