Public-private partnerships to fight COVID-19 are a model of cybersecurity


chuck brooksa highly regarded cybersecurity leader as well as an influential member of Executive mosaic Expert GovCon program, recently published a recent article in the fifth edition of the Security and technology information newsletter.

In the report, GovCon expert Chuck Brooks explored the significant implications and challenges of cyber-securing the Internet of Things. Additionally, he also revealed how partnerships in the public and private sectors can serve as a model for the federal government’s implementation of cybersecurity standards.

Here’s a snippet of the feature from GovCon expert Chuck Brooks:

“A higher level of public-private collaboration is needed to address the growing cyber threat landscape through public-private partnerships,” Brooks explained. “Global threat actors targeting critical infrastructure include terrorists, criminals, hackers, organized crime, malicious individuals and, in some cases, adversarial nation states.

Dealing with threats requires incorporating a robust calculated security strategy of public-private partnership based on multi-level vigilance and safeguards, preparedness and resilience.

You can read the full article at GovCon expert Chuck Brooks on LinkedIn.


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