Prosegur Compaa de Seguridad SA: and Cash, the first private security companies to obtain and publish the ESG evaluation of S&P Global Ratings


Madrid, June 21, 2022.Prosegur and Prosegur Cash are the first private security companies in the world to obtain and publish their ESG ratings from S&P Global Ratings. These assessments assess a company’s ESG strategy and its ability to prepare for potential future ESG risks and opportunities.

Following this analysis, S&P Global Ratings awarded a score of 62/100 in Prosegur and of 64/100 to Prosegur Cash. The rating agency positively assessed the environmental actions of Prosegur and Prosegur Cash, particularly highlighting those related to the management of greenhouse gas emissions, waste and pollution. Regarding the social profile of both companies, the report highlights their commitment to the client, in addition to highlighting their corporate governance activity in aspects such as the definition and respect of codes and values, and their information and transparency policy.

Both Prosegur and Prosegur Cash have achieved ratings in line with average achievable ratings for the industries and regions in which they operate. This voluntary benchmarking exercise will allow both companies to track performance over time and, in turn, help guide and improve their engagement in these areas.

According Antonio Rubio, General Secretary of Prosegur, “At Prosegur, we are aware that our leadership in the private security sector involves a series of social, ethical and environmental requirements. This results in specific actions which, in turn, must be supervised and validated by independent entities. commitment, we are strengthening our presence in some of the most internationally recognized indices and ratings. In addition, we want to further increase our presence in these indices in line with the objectives of our sustainable development master plan. Our decision to publish our ESG assessment demonstrates our commitment to this objective.”

The four pillars that underpin Prosegur’s sustainability master plan

In 2021, Prosegur took a new step in fully assuming its corporate responsibility with the integration of ESG criteria into its business model and the approval of its Sustainability Master Plan, an action guide that establishes 63 shares encompassed into four key pillars (Ethics, Transparency and Governance; People; Occupational Safety and Environment). These are inspired by the United Nations SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), a reference framework for global sustainability.

According to reports by S&P Global Ratings, Prosegur and Prosegur Cash have demonstrated a great ability to use their resources, both internal and external, to respond to changes in their increasingly complex and demanding field of activity, by identifying opportunities and capitalizing on these changes.


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