Private security guards urged to cooperate with police


A private security guard checks car ticket at buildings in Chamkarmon district in Phnom Penh.

National Police Deputy Chief Y Sokhy has urged private security officers who have undergone professional training from the National Police’s Private Security Management Department to use their skills more effectively to maintain security, safety and public order. They should report crimes to authorities when they occur.

Sokhy, who is also the director of the Counter-Terrorism and Cross-Border Crimes Department, was speaking at the July 28 closing ceremony of the 39th Private Security Agencies Training Course.

The National Police said in a social media post that Sokhy had asked all private security guards to enhance their cooperation with police and local authorities in the areas where they were stationed and reiterated the importance of private security guards as a back-up force for the police. .

According to the message, if they see – or even suspect – illegal activity, regardless of where they are, private security guards should report it immediately, so that the police can respond and enforce. the law.

Sokhy added that security guards not only work for companies or institutions, but also play an important role in protecting public property and life. They played a crucial role in the implementation of government policies, in particular the village-commune security policy.

He also asked them to act appropriately and professionally and to remember their training. They must exercise discipline and maintain a strong sense of ethics. This included dressing carefully and respecting their uniforms.

Sokhy advised directors of private security companies to support the continued education of their guards by offering regular professional development courses, such as the one organized by the department.

All graduates should apply what they have learned from the course and continue to develop their skills as they take on more responsibility in their roles.

Lim Sokha Rasmey, director of the National Police’s private security department, said 39 such courses had been conducted so far. 6,935 guards had graduated, including 161 women.

He added that the training is aimed at increasing their capacities so that they can meet the needs of demanding work and contribute to the village-commune policy in safety.

Sokha Rasmey noted that the guards who had completed the training course now had clear skills, strong ethics, positive attitudes and legal knowledge, and would definitely have a positive effect on the private security industry.

He warned that there were security guards who operated outside the law, did not maintain order and were even involved in crimes. Some have even overstepped their own authority and detained suspects without reporting it to the police.

He requested that all private security guards communicate regularly with their local police, so that they can all work together for a safer Cambodia.


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