Over $ 83 million paid to private sector workers | Business


Governor Pedro Pierluisi and Puerto Rican Treasury Secretary Francisco Parés Alicea announced that the agency has disbursed $ 83.5 million under the Prime Pay program for eligible employees in the private sector.

“The Treasury Department disbursed $ 83.5 million in 41,785 payments that eligible employers managed for their employees. The goal of our administration is to reward, to some extent, the great contribution these workers have made, providing essential services at the most critical times of the COVID-19 pandemic, “the governor said.

Meanwhile, Parés pointed out that other food manufacturing and distribution sectors have been added to the Premium Pay program, representing around 7,000 additional employers. “From tomorrow Friday, employers in these two areas will be able to check the access link to request payments in their SURI accounts. With this change, we estimate that nearly 50,000 eligible employers will be able to benefit their employees,” a he declared.

The premium payment is $ 2,000 and comes from a $ 200 million fund allocated by Pierluisi for additional compensation payments. This is part of the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (ARPA) National and Local Coronavirus Tax Recovery Fund and will be paid as long as they are available.

Since mid-September, a link has been created on the SURI platform for employers with already determined NAICS business classification codes to request additional payments for their employees. The Treasury Department, known as Hacienda, pays workers directly using the information it receives.

Parés said that workers related to the business activities of security services, health services, supermarkets, grocery stores, pharmacies and freight transport are eligible. He urged them to read Circular Letter 21-19 http://www.hacienda.pr.gov/publicaciones/carta-circular-de-rentas-internas-num-21-19-cc-ri-21-19 for more information .

Employees must have earned a base salary or compensation of less than $ 40,000 for the 2020 or 2021 calendar year and have performed at least 500 hours of essential in-person work since March 1, 2020. When requesting the bonus , they must also perform essential work on behalf of the eligible employer.

These additional payments do not include employees of hospitals and private CDTs, or public employees, as these groups are eligible under another process implemented by the Puerto Rico Tax and Financial Advisory Agency ( AAFAF by its Spanish acronym).

In addition, Parés reported that $ 574,500 was disbursed, which is the initial stimulus payment for the Return to Work Incentive Program.

“So far, we have received 2,959 applications from employers, representing 4,082 employees, who have qualified for this relaunch. Hacienda has identified 42,000 eligible businesses, including restaurants and bars, hotels and hospitality services. “accommodation, agriculture and construction. We urge people who lost their jobs during the pandemic to return to work and benefit from this program,” he said.

The incentive for each employee recruited in the specified sectors is $ 2,000, payable in two installments. The initial payment will be $ 500 and a final payment of $ 1,500, upon presentation of complete proof of employment, approximately 90 days after the initial payment.

The Prime Pay indemnity and the Return to Work Incentive do not constitute income for either the employer or the employee and will therefore not be subject to income tax.


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