NSCDC will support private security teams for more efficiency


Michael Olugbode in Abuja

The Commanding General of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps (NSCDC), Dr. Ahmed Audi, expressed his determination to continue to encourage and support efficiency, effectiveness, probity and accountability in the private security industry.

He said this will ensure that they conduct their operations in accordance with established rules and regulations to bring common sense back to the industry and eliminate the activities of quacks.

Audi said the move became necessary due to the prevailing security situation in the country, particularly in the northeast, and the private security industry has an important role to play in helping security agencies government in their collective effort to combat the dangerous trend of insecurity that has resulted in the loss of life and property and displaced many more from their homes.

He made the claim during the official launch of AL-ANSAR security services and the commissioning of its headquarters in Maiduguri, Borno State, which he described as a new addition to the security practice. private sector in Nigeria to enhance a safe and secure environment.

He, however, instructed the company to look beyond the business side by channeling its energy more towards improving internal security by gathering and sharing timely and credible intelligence and information.

Audi added that the launch of the new safety team is a further step towards solving the problem of unemployment in Nigeria as it will go a long way in providing employment opportunities for many teeming young people and therefore focus on criminal tendencies with full knowledge of the facts. although idleness has made them vulnerable to different kinds of negative influences that have brought us to where we are today.

He expressed hope that due diligence would be followed in the process of recruiting guards for the company.
“Let me advise the management of the company to exercise caution in their recruitment campaign so as not to recruit criminal minded individuals, the NSCDC must be followed in the recruitment process and training guards to ensure due diligence is followed,” Audi said.

The coxswain thanked the Borno State government for investing heavily in security and providing an enabling environment for the development of security agencies. He called on members of the public to help the Corps and other security agencies protect public property by reporting threats against them.

According to him, communities must unite with agencies responsible for protecting infrastructure that has serious impacts on people’s lives. Noting in retrospect that the pattern of attacks on infrastructure such as railroad ties, electrical and oil installations over the previous year compelled him to seek public support.

He denounced the ugly tendency to display a nonchalant attitude and, in some cases, the connivance of the inhabitants of certain communities with criminal elements who engage in such economic crimes, warning that the perpetrators must be arrested or face severe penalties. when they are stopped.

The Commanding General, in order to enable the Corps to deal with headlong vandalism, has directed State Commanders to develop modalities to ensure full compliance, reiterating that he will no longer tolerate vandalism of infrastructure.


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