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Updated on Monday 20 December 2021, 15:34 by Denis Chabrol

National People’s Congress (PNCR) Reform leader Aubrey Norton said on Monday his party was pro-private, but in many ways said the Private Sector Commission (PSC) was politically biased.

He sought to assure Guyanese that his party is pro-business, but said businessmen asked him to distinguish between the private sector and the Private Sector Commission (PSC) because they believed the organization was not acting in their best interests but is politically partisan. “As a party, we will fight for a private sector which is truly a private sector and not a Commission which reflects narrow interests,” said Mr. Norton, a political scientist.

The PNCR chief said his party wanted to see an independent CPS. “I want this to be clear; we are not anti-private sector. In fact, we believe that the private sector should act as an independent, civil society pursuing the interests of the private sector, ”he said.

According to him, the PSC often does not present itself as independent, which raises the need for a business organization that reflects all ethnicities and all businesses.

When asked if the PNCR, in its interface with non-governmental and civil society organizations, intended to meet with the PSC, he replied that his party would meet with this professional organization. “I will meet with the PSC but when I meet with the PSC we will discuss the situation and see where we go from there. I think a political party should be in contact with all of civil society, ”he said.

The structure of the PSC includes sub-committees on security and governance.

The PSC and a number of its affiliates had criticized the process for reporting votes cast in Region Four and called for then-Chief Electoral Officer Keith Lowenfield, Deputy Chief Electoral Officer Roxanne Myers and Chief Electoral Officer the region’s four Clairmont Mingo polls be dismissed because they had been charged with a number of electoral fraud-related offenses.

The PNCR-led coalition of a Partnership for National Unity + Alliance for Change (APNU + AFC) in April 2020 called the PSC a “sponsor” of PPP, because the company had not recognized that there had been discrepancies in regions other than the region. Four.

Mr Norton had previously questioned the independence of a number of private sector and non-state actors who had been appointed by then-opposition leader Bharrat Jagdeo to be appointed chairman of the Guyana Election Commission (GECOM). Among them was Captain Gerry Gouveia who has since been appointed National Security Advisor.

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