Malema accuses Ramaphosa of outsourcing government responsibility to the private sector


EFF leader Julius Malema has accused President Cyril Ramaphosa of outsourcing government responsibility to the private sector.

Sona 2022

React to Ramaphosa Nation State Address (Sona) On Thursday night, Malema said the president’s view that the government was not solely responsible for job creation and the appointment of a former mining executive Siphon Nkosi leading a team to cut red tape in government was an indication that Ramaphosa was outsourcing government responsibilities to the private sector.

“Generally they have outsourced the responsibility of governing our people to the private sector,” Malema told Cape Town City Hall.

The EFF leader said Ramaphosa’s view of the government not being responsible for job creation was that the president had cast a vote of no confidence in his leadership and his government.

“He passed a no-confidence motion against himself after promising millions of jobs. Now he says government cannot provide jobs, jobs must be provided by the private sector… and in the manifesto of the ANC – which appointed him president – he pledged [to] provide jobs,” he said.

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“Dull” speech

In one declaration The EFF on Friday called Ramaphosa’s Sona “lackluster” and said it was a reminder of the “gross incompetence of a man who makes empty promises”.

“The fact is that South Africa is in a state of collapse, and no amount of meaningless calls for solidarity to solve the problems created by the government will change the grim reality of the black majority in this country.”

The Red Berets said last year July riots and the burning of Parliament in January – along with other national highlights – was an indication that there is no state security in South Africa.

“Ramaphosa has pretended to take matters into his own hands, placing state security in his office, but repeatedly shows that his state has no intelligence capability.

“It proves once again that putting state security in his office and in the hands of his cronies is nothing but a way to use slush money to fund his battle for leadership within the ruling party.”

public companies

The EFF said the only thing Ramaphosa had achieved was to destroy the country’s state-owned enterprises (SOEs) in order to facilitate their privatization.

“That is why Ramaphosa makes absurd statements that the private sector bears the responsibility of creating jobs, while the government must only create an enabling environment for this. He cannot conceive of the state being at the center of our development efforts, because in his weak mind, profit equals development.

“We have to understand the fact that under Ramaphosa this country is in freefall and when his term ends we will have no more country to inherit.”

Compiled by Thapelo Lekabe

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