Initially, a private sector executive enrolled in the National Defense College annual course


New Delhi: For the first time in the history of the National Defense College, its annual training course for senior civil servants to learn, develop and reflect on political issues, includes a participant who is not a member of the tri-army forces , police, or civil services.

Along with the brigadier-grade and equivalent officers taking the prestigious course this time around is an executive from the Larsen & Toubro (L&T) conglomerate. This is the first time anyone from the private sector has attended the course for hand-picked individuals in the armed forces, as part of their growth trajectory.

Sources from the defense and security establishment told ThePrint that for some time there had been an idea to include people from private bodies as part of the course. However, this is the first time it has been put into practice – in the 62nd batch of the NDC.

Specifically, there has been growing pressure to include private sector industries in the defense ecosystem, the sources said.

“Both from a manufacturing and policy perspective, there is a need for more extensive interaction with private actors. This participation can be seen as part of the broader philosophy of including companies in the field of defence,” explained a source.

Sources familiar with the matter also told ThePrint that this year there was a new push to expand the participants and include someone from the private sphere.

The member is just like any other course participant and participates in regular sessions and activities like the rest of the cohort, the source added. The selection process was conducted by the Ministry of Defense and carried out in a short time.

Forum to facilitate interaction

Located at Lutyens Delhi’s Tees January Marg, the NDC is housed in an imperial mansion built by Sir Sobha Singh – one of five builders who built emblematic parts of the capital.

The first group of the NDC graduated in 1961 and had 21 members. While nine of them belonged to the Indian Army, four belonged to the Indian Navy, four to the Air Force and four to the Civil Service.

Subsequent batches have included members of foreign defense services, but never before has anyone from the private sector been part of the NDC course.

Lasting 47 weeks, the NDC Classes for Senior Officials is conducted between January and November every year and comprises six main sections – Understanding India and Introduction to Strategy, Study on Economic Security, Science and Technology, Global Issues, Security Environment international community, India’s strategic neighborhood and national development strategies and structures. Security.

The NDC course also serves as a forum to facilitate interaction between senior officers, academics and officials from other countries participating in the course.

(Editing by Poulomi Banerjee)

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