Good collaboration between private security and the police: Cele – SABC News


Police Minister Bheki Cele told the Human Rights Commission hearings into the July 2021 unrest that there is good collaboration between private security companies and the police in tackling the crime.
Cele told the commission in Sandton, north of Johannesburg, that there are also new laws to address some of the ills of private security companies.
Testimony of Célé to the commission:

He was answering questions about the events that led to private security companies setting up roadblocks and shooting people in Phoenix, north of Durban.
“There are good collaborations between the private sector and the police. I must also say that some of them have the best equipment as private security companies, but many of them have been shut down because of what they do, especially in the taxi industry. They cause a lot of problems. There is a new law that has been signed by the president. We are reviewing their contribution and scope.
The police were threatened
Cele also told the commission that the police could have done more to prevent the situation from escalating, but they were threatened. He says KwaZulu-Natal police were threatened by the instigators of the unrest that their families would be killed if they took part in efforts to quell the violence and looting of businesses.
Around 350 people died in KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng during the week-long riots. Cele is the first witness to testify in the Gauteng portion of the hearings.
“On top of that, the police themselves had a problem. They could have done much better. There was a great campaign of delegitimization. Not only that, even scare them. So you slow them down. I remember there was a message telling all those policemen who live in Umlazi not to go back there, even if they don’t come back, they won’t find their wives and children,” Cele explains.


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