Digital Sharjah integrates public and private services


Sharjah 24: Under the guidance and continued guidance of Sheikh Sultan bin Mohammed bin Sultan Al Qasimi, Crown Prince and Deputy Governor of Sharjah, Sharjah Digital Office (SDO), launched “Digital Sharjah”, a smart application that seamlessly integrates a multitude of essential public services provided by different government entities and private sector companies on a single, simplified digital user interface.
The beta version of the smart app was launched at a virtual press conference, attended by SDO Director Sheikh Saud bin Sultan Al Qasimi and 400 attendees including government officials, entrepreneurs and members of the local press. The various offerings and USPs of this futuristic new service were detailed during the conference, as well as an explanation of SDO’s strategic vision behind the design of this world-class digital public service interface, which marks the crossing of a milestone in Sharjah’s digital transformation journey and smart governance ambitions.

A single, inclusive service provider
At the heart of this project is Sharjah’s ambition to continually improve the quality of life for current and future citizens, residents and business owners in Sharjah and the United Arab Emirates, while facilitating access for visitors and tourists from all over the emirate. world.

With the advent of the Digital Sharjah platform (website and app), customers will enjoy uninterrupted, 24/7 access to a host of utilities, including paying utility bills and phone calls, paying parking fees, renewing business licenses, and more. Following. This means that clients would no longer be limited by the working hours of public sector entities in Sharjah to do their jobs.

The services are accessible on a “Digital Sharjah” mobile application which can be downloaded free of charge from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. All services are also available on the “Digital Sharjah” platform,

The initiative is therefore poised to have a significant impact in helping the public save time and effort by performing fast and paperless transactions remotely for a variety of essential services.

Phase 1 unveiled with a portfolio of 41 essential services
The smart service currently offers a portfolio of 41 services in 7 broad categories, including business, transport, utilities, social services, general services, real estate and security. Other services will continue to be added in the coming phases.

Services provided by a multitude of public entities have been brought together under the umbrella of Digital Sharjah to enable residents to pay all their utility bills on one platform; benefit from a range of transport-related services, including booking taxis, paying parking fees and fines; request and receive a range of social support services such as social assistance and home care.

Residents with business interests can also register new investors, reserve a business name, file consumer protection or service agent complaints, estimate license fees, and more. Leveraging the latest smart solutions will improve the customer experience for all residents when dealing with various departments.

Sharjah’s New Effort to Strengthen the Government-Community Relationship
Sheikh Saud bin Sultan Al Qasimi said, “Digital Sharjah is a forward-looking project that harnesses networked information and communication technologies (ICT) intelligently to provide our customers with fast and transparent services that will enable them to ‘save time and effort and subsequently improve their quality. of life. This is Sharjah’s most recent attempt to strengthen government-community relations ”.

“As we launch a landmark project, our achievement is a symbol of a new era of sustainable, people-centered growth, fueled not only by the brilliance of technology, but also by close collaboration and effort. exceptional from a multitude of government entities that have partnered with us. to put their services on the Digital Sharjah platform, creating a new example of institutional integration, ”he added, thanking all the partner entities.

Affirming that the new digital platform enhances Sharjah’s competitiveness not only on the regional but global arena, Sheikh Saud added, “It enhances Sharjah’s appeal as an ideal destination to live and work.

Digital Sharjah aims to build a seamlessly integrated government infrastructure that enables the transformation of traditional Sharjah government services and operations to digital. The platform will serve as a central database that will support monitoring, research and studies aimed at promoting development and progress, and also support major development projects in Sharjah.

A multitude of government entities have partnered with SDO to help it pursue its ambition of building a smart and sustainable city by fostering customer happiness through the provision of integrated services. These entities include the Sharjah Economic Development Department; Sharjah Electricity, Water and Gas Authority; Sharjah Roads and Transport Authority; Police of Sharjah; Department of Islamic Affairs; Municipality of Sharjah City; Department of Social Services; Department of Town Planning and Surveying; National Center of Meteorology and Etisalat.


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