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A platform deemed essential for the smart transformation of the emirate

Posted: Sun Dec 26 2021, 17:15

The Emirate of Sharjah is adapting to new challenges and opportunities with the rapid development of a fully digital transformation strategy that aims to accelerate economic diversification and promote sustainability by leveraging the power of technology across the board. of the public sector.

Responsible for building an integrated government infrastructure in the emirate, the Sharjah Digital Office (SDO) has been at the forefront of overhauling traditional ways of operating in all sectors, in line with the vision and guidance of the leaders of the emirate.

SDO unveiled its strategy to improve smart government performance and increase customer satisfaction with the recent launch of the Digital Sharjah app which offers a portfolio of 41 services across 7 major categories including business, transportation, utilities, social services, general services, real estate and security. in the first phase.


Speaking about SDO’s tenure, Sheikh Saud bin Sultan Al Qasimi, director of SDO, told the UAE News Agency (WAM) that all government entities in the emirate are continually stepping up their digital transformation efforts, under the guidance and advice from His Highness Sheikh Sultan bin Mohammed. bin Sultan Al Qasimi, Crown Prince and Deputy Governor of Sharjah. The Director underlined that SDO wants to facilitate the process of digitization of entities by raising awareness of the importance of going digital and ensuring the implementation of initiatives related to transformation.

The SDO director added that private sector services will be included in the smart platform in order to diversify and improve the quality of services offered to users, and expand the scale of offers to meet the most demanding demands. strict regulations on residents, citizens, visitors, as well as investors.

Sheikh Saud bin Sultan Al Qasimi said that the office is working in cooperation with all government entities in Sharjah to integrate their services into the Digital Sharjah platform and its application within a limited time frame. He noted that the platform was a vital step in the emirate’s digital transformation process, as it provides sustainable public services through a host of user-friendly operations that are constantly updated and improved.

The director said that the main objective of the forward-looking platform Digital Sharjah is to improve the quality of life of citizens and residents of Sharjah, which is measured in part by the ease of access to a range of utilities. He noted that SDO seeks to facilitate this by offering the services on a unified platform – the Digital Sharjah app and website, which are easily accessible through smart devices.

Sheikh Saud bin Sultan Al Qasimi highlighted the importance of integrating vital private sector services for users on the Digital Sharjah platform, especially for companies and institutions that provide essential services to the public. He said the integration of the private sector is crucial to design mechanisms that support both public and customer demands. Digital Sharjah provides a unified and flexible platform for these service providers that enables them to take advantage of the latest smart solutions and keep pace with the latest socio-economic developments.

Building trust between the public and service providers is essential to create value and deliver tangible benefits to users and will ultimately have an impact on the substantial success of the services provided. The inclusion of businesses and private institutions in the Digital Sharjah app not only builds public confidence, but also streamlines service delivery and ensures the security of financial transactions.

The director called on all entities from various sectors including culture, arts, creative industry and non-profit organizations to join the Digital Sharjah platform to unify and expand the range of services provided to the public, adding that contributing to the digital transformation process in Sharjah is an obligation to realize the vision of national transformation.

Sheikh Saud bin Sultan Al Qasimi said that the presence of advanced digital infrastructure becomes a decisive factor for entrepreneurs and investors when starting a business, as it can facilitate and stimulate business growth locally and internationally. . He added that Sharjah’s digital transformation journey will lead to the inclusive development of the emirate and lay the foundation for a competitive future in all sectors.

The director said that SDO’s smart governance efforts align with the goals of all institutions and sectors in the emirate to strengthen Sharjah’s status as a preferred destination for living, working, studying, as well as for learning. investment and tourism.

Digital Sharjah allows visitors to benefit from services using digital identity (UAE PASS) and offers 41 services from 11 entities, as well as 6 payment methods (Tahseel, credit card, bank transfer, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay ).

The services of the app cover key sectors, namely business, transport, utilities, social services, general affairs, real estate and security.

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