Credit from private individuals

Entrepreneurs, temporary workers or low-wage earners who are looking for affordable financing are all getting credit from private individuals. The personal loan primarily offers one thing that is becoming conceivable with fewer and fewer credit institutions – fair credit opportunities.

Personal loan – that’s why it’s so important

Personal loan - that

In Germany it is not only the gap between rich and poor that has widened for many years. The changes in credit opportunities are no less serious. The situation used to be simple. Those who had work, paid their taxes, had an income that nourished them and made them creditworthy. Without work there was no credit for the new car. But at least the defective washing machine could be paid for by unemployment benefits, pensions or unemployment benefits.

Agenda policy turned decent unemployed people into workers who work for starvation wages. With mini jobs and temporary work, you no longer “lie” on the sofa today. With their income, they often do not even “lie” above the attachment limits. You won’t get a loan from the bank. The situation is further exacerbated by the dollar crisis.

The banks are getting their hands tied for lending to weaker income groups. Bad loans are supposed to be eradicated. Nevertheless, a temporary worker or a pensioner occasionally needs a new washing machine or another vehicle. The loan from private individuals often opens up the only credit opportunity.

Taking the future into your own hands – business loans

Taking the future into your own hands - business loans

Anyone who does not want their butter to be taken from their bread and who would like their work to be paid fairly is trying their luck as an entrepreneur. Even the best business idea does not make him creditworthy. The state offers him the start-up loan to help him start his own business. However, this loan is not approved freely and promptly. If you want to create the loan approval yourself, you have to have a lot of love for the bureaucratic paper war and time.

People who want to start a business or tax consultancy are best suited for this. This effort is often too great for a master electrician or motor vehicle. His core business has to be built up, because he is the master at it. The way to the house bank often only brings disillusionment. Without KfW in the background, the loan is far too expensive and the required security cannot be provided. Again, it is the loan from private individuals that will finance the successful start of the company.

Personal loan – the win-win situation

Personal loan - the win-win situation

Small-scale savers are being veined by European politics, of all current parties. Your savings will lose purchasing power every day. Thanks to the dollar bailout, savings rates are so low that inflation compensation no longer takes place. Instead of watching their savings lose value, more and more savers are investing the money on the large personal loan platforms.

Borrowers who are let down by the banking system are therefore not unreliable payers. The loan from private individuals helps them, because they can achieve their goals through fair credit opportunities and reasonable interest.