CISF can partner with private security agencies: Amit Shah

Union Home Minister Amit Shah said on Sunday that private security agencies and the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) could join forces to provide effective security to various private units in the industrial sector and manufacturer.

Government security agencies such as the CISF alone cannot take on this task nationwide and could gradually “hand over” to private security agencies, the interior minister said during the 53rd Raising celebrations. CISF Day in Ghaziabad.

He asked the paramilitary force to prepare a 25-year roadmap so that it can emerge as a “results-oriented” security agency as India enters its 100th year of independence. Bearing in mind the “growing” threat of drones to industrial units along seaports and the land border, he also asked the CISF to collaborate with agencies such as the Research and Development Organization for Defense (DRDO) and the Border Security Force to prepare effective counter-technology. against this threat.

Shah ordered the CISF to consider taking responsibility for training private security agencies. He referred to the growing strength of female staff at CISF and asked its chief executive to make it an 80:20 ratio (male, female), compared to the existing ratio of 94:06 in the organization.


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