Big sporting events bring economic benefits to Qatar’s private sector, chamber director says


The successful staging of major sporting events like the 2021 FIFA Arab Cup has triggered a “positive economic impact”, especially among stakeholders in Qatar’s private sector, a senior Qatar Chamber official said.
The First Deputy Speaker of the House of Qatar, Mohamed bin Towar al-Kuwari, stressed that hosting sporting events not only puts the country in the international spotlight, but also attracts many tourists, creating an “effect of runoff ”on the local economy.
“There are a lot of movements observed in different sectors of the country, such as hospitality, travel and tourism, services, transport, food and beverage (F&B), trade and retail, and even outsourcing services, among other things because of the influx of many visitors who will attend these events, ”al-Kuwari told the Gulf Times yesterday.
He said: “In all directions this is very positive, which is why we must continue to host more sporting events, given that the negative effect of the Covid-19 pandemic on the country has been successfully managed by the government. “
Al-Kuwari pointed out that the recent conclusion of the 2021 FIFA Arab Cup has provided Qatar with a wealth of experience, thus preparing it to host the FIFA World Cup next year.
“The achievements of the FIFA Arab Cup will reflect the success we expect for the World Cup in 2022. This recent sporting event has bolstered Qatar’s confidence to deliver a world-class sporting event and a spectacular experience for the fans. ‘next year. Qatar is fully prepared to host the World Cup, ”he noted.
According to al-Kuwari, the Qatar Chamber is supporting the Ministry of Sports and Youth and the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy (SC), as well as other relevant government authorities, to ensure the success of their respective projects. .
“The chamber has several different committees which deal with all sectors of the economy. For example, these committees work hand in hand with the authorities concerned to ensure food security, the availability of hotels and access to transport, among others.
Al-Kuwari noted that the private sector plays an important role in achieving Qatar’s goal of becoming a sports center or regional sports destination. “So the private sector not only benefits from the trickle down effect when sports competitions are held in Qatar, but it actually supports and plays a huge role in ensuring that all the necessary requirements are met to ensure success. of these events, such as like the upcoming 2022 FIFA World Cup, ”al-Kuwari explained.
He added: “As has been proven in recent years when Qatar was facing different crises, the private sector stepped up to help the government meet the needs of the economy, as well as the needs of citizens and residents of the country. The Qatar Chamber and the private sector have always been the government’s development partners.

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