Benn and Hicken meet with private security companies


Private security firms are required to adhere to established rules and guidelines and Home Secretary Robeson Benn and Police Commissioner (ag) Clifton Hicken have warned that unprofessionalism will not be tolerated.

Benn and Hicken made the statements Tuesday during a three-hour meeting with chiefs and representatives of private security companies.

The meeting was held at the Police Officers Training Center, Camp Street, Georgetown to identify issues and concerns and offer safety related suggestions.

Police Commissioner (ag), Clifton Hicken (seated second from right front row); Deputy ‘Operations’ (ag) Commissioner Ravindradat Budhram (seated front row right) and Traffic Chief Ramesh Ashram (seated left) posed with owners and representatives of private security companies who were present at the meeting. (police photo)

In a press release, the GPF said that during his remarks, Hicken emphasized the importance of professionalism within security companies.

He pointed to instances where security personnel are seen dressed in their uniforms and posing with “big guns” on social media.

According to the statement, Hicken called the behavior “unacceptable and unprofessional” while noting that it must stop immediately.

He said there are instances where security companies would see their officers display large weapons while on duty.

This, according to Hicken, has the potential to create a “hostile” situation with civil society and may also have negative implications for the country’s tourism sector, as well as for the general safety of citizens.

As such, he indicated that professionalism must be demonstrated when handling firearms while encouraging owners of private security companies to provide frequent training within their organizations to improve efficiency and customer service. customer base.

Additionally, the statement said Hicken also called for private security companies to have a standard employment procedure. “Security companies should carry out comprehensive background checks when hiring personnel, as this will help you protect and maintain the image of your organization and, by extension, your customers and our country,” he said. -he declares.

The acting Top Cop also commended private security companies for their reduction in the “accidental discharge” of firearms and urged them to exercise a great deal of caution and caution and pay attention to practical and theoretical aspects. safety training, according to the statement.

Furthermore, he highlighted the importance of private security companies and the crucial role they play in partnering with the force to ensure a safer society for all Guyanese.

Meanwhile, during his address to the rally, the statement said Benn had urged private security company owners to ensure professionalism was maintained.

He said there should be continuous improvements in the quality of service provided to customers. “I want you to pass on all of this knowledge to the people you employ… It is your duty and responsibility to ensure that you run your services in a professional manner and to ensure that the people you employ do so in a professional manner in order to to mitigate risk,” Benn said.

“We need a safe, secure and democratic Guyana,” he added.

Benn added that security companies must be licensed to operate and must have a “clear” understanding of their roles and responsibilities, according to the statement.

He said he was ready to revoke the license of any private security company that broke the law. “Your responsibility is to provide discreet service to your customers and to protect them, not to act outside the law,” Benn said.

Traffic Chief Ramesh Ashram and Deputy Commissioner “Operations” (ag), Ravindradat Budhram also spoke with representatives of the various security companies who were present at the meeting.

The statement said Ashram emphasized that security vehicles are not categorized as “emergency vehicles.”

As such, he said they must comply with the rules and regulations of the road and not have sirens or flashing lights on their vehicles as this could lead to the revocation of the motor vehicle’s certificate of fitness. .

Budhram, on the other hand, suggested that private security personnel should not only be trained to protect property or to guard a location while noting that it is imperative that they have a certain amount of general and local knowledge. and that they are trained in customer service.

“Your responsibility is to ensure the delivery of quality service to your customers. Therefore, it is imperative to improve training in your organization to improve the quality of service provided,” Budhram said.

“Another issue I want to address is that whenever people are on duty or when they are relieved of their duties, the measures to secure firearms collected from people who were on duty often do not comply with the procedures or SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) that need to be followed and we need to ensure that this is done,” he added.


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