44 private sector companies hire people in UAE, apply now


Two Emiratis fill out papers in an office.

Gulf today, Journalist

The official platform of the federal government’s program to increase the competitiveness of national executives and enable them to fill jobs in the country’s private sector institutions over the next five years.

The “Nafis” revealed that 44 private companies are currently working in various and different fields to provide multiple jobs to citizens through the website.

Private sector companies bring together many different jobs depending on the specialization of each company, including:

Al Futtaim Group


Emirates Gate for security services

Al Ansari scholarship

Al Fardan scholarship

Medical group of hospitals and other companies.

The platform offers Emirati citizens the opportunity to learn about private sector job openings and vocational training opportunities while working in the private sector.

It also enables employers to find suitable national frameworks to fill their vacancies.

The program called on job seekers and current private sector workers, both genders, aged 18-60 to register on the platform, downloading the UAE digital identity app. Pass on mobile phones, then by creating a user account and authenticating the Emirates ID.

Fill in the data, so they can take advantage of the jobs that companies offer daily.

He also called on private sector companies to register through the Nafes platform.

The platform includes many direct benefits that citizens can get, namely “on-the-job training programs” and a “subscription program”, where the government pays contributions to the pension fund for 5 years for them. citizens working in the private sector.

The State also covers most of the employer’s contributions to the pension fund during this period, the child allowances of workers in the private sector, the temporary financial assistance program for a period of up to 6 months for seek employment in the event of loss of employment in the private sector for any reason beyond the control of the employee, and the program supports the salaries of citizens.

The “Nafis” program is part of the “50 projects” programs and initiatives which aim to achieve a qualitative leap in the development path in the United Arab Emirates and to develop the national economic system by allocating 24 billion Dhs to accommodate 75,000 citizens in the private sector over the next five years, at a rate of 15,000 jobs per year.


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